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British Columbia, Canada

The Historic and Cultural Hub of Haida Gwaii

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Cameron Bell, Economic Development Officer
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The Village of Queen Charlotte is a pristine ocean side community located at the southern end of Graham Island at Skidegate Inlet. The residents of this community have deep roots in the cultural history of the area and an inherent respect for the environment. Opportunities for investment in the local economy are apparent with the abundance of natural resources, outdoor tourism, and cultural attractions.

Originally founded around the creation of the North American Timber Company sawmill in 1908, the village of Queen Charlotte took advantage of the lumber and fishing industry to grow into the thriving community that it is today. Recently, diversification into the tourism industry has helped to enrich the lives of the residents by providing opportunities for tours into the Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site and access to a year round Visitor information Center. Historical homesteads, museums and logging and fishing sites also serve as excellent cultural attractions. 

Queen Charlotte offers an unparalleled quality of living for the outdoor enthusiast. It is surrounded by multitude of beaches, ocean based recreational activities and hiking and camping locations. Residents need only look into their backyard for access to the natural attractions that Haida Gwaii has to offer. An attractive Spirit Square park showcases the Village of Queen Charlotte's attractive waterfront setting, is a local tourist attraction, community gathering place and a center for special events.

Transportation via BC Ferries (terminal within the village boundaries) or Air Canada Jazz daily from Sandspit moves both freight and people. The Queen Charlotte/Haida Gwaii Hospital Building project commenced in 2013 with the new 40,000 sq foot facility scheduled to open in 2016 bringing state of the art health care to the community.

Educational institutions are shared with the neighboring community of Skidegate Band Council. Elementary school in Skidegate, Secondary School in Queen Charlotte as well as an alternative school in Queen Charlotte. Haida Gwaii Higher Education Society, a non profit social enterprise, offers 15 credits per semester in coordination with the University of BC. The islands are the classroom, UBC your university.

Investment opportunities such as the proposed 10 to 25 acre industrial park serve as an example of the advantages of working in the Village of Queen Charlotte. With this unique project, investors have the opportunity to develop a site to their needs rather than having to adapt their needs to the site. Other advantages include competitive industrial tax rates, access to transportation infrastructure, no development or business licence fees, and substantial utility capacity.

With all the the Village of Queen Charlotte has to offer, it is an ideal place to raise a family, enjoy the outdoors and develop your companies next business project.

Local Infrastructure Projects

  • Queen Charlotte Boat Launch: The Village of Queen Charlotte will be building a breakwater and upgrading the current municipal boat launch facility in 2016.  Previously built for airplane use, the existing boat ramp design is a simple black top extending into the bay, with no barriers or dock to assist and defend boats against the elements while launching. The boat launch upgrade will significantly increase the functionality, safety and desirability of the boat launch in a heavily boat dependant region. Investments to transportation, tourism and recreation infrastructure undoubtedly have a positive impact on the livability and quality of life of the region as a whole driving up property values as more people choose to live and work in the area.
  • Haida Heritage Center The Haida Heritage Center, in nearby Skidegate, has expanded to include five new exhibits in the museum. It is the main attraction for tourists who visit Haida Gwaii to experience the culture of the Haida people.

Community Economic Development Contact

Cameron Bell
Economic Development Officer
Misty Isles Economic Development Society
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Lori Wiedeman
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Village of Queen Charlotte
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Michael Racz
Haida Gwaii Community Futures
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