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British Columbia, Canada

Gateway to the Wilderness

Economic Development Contact

Cameron Bell, Economic Development Officer
Tel: 250-559-8050 | 

Port Clements is situated at the east end of Masset Inlet on Haida Gwaii, off the north coast of British Columbia. Port Clements offers unique local business development opportunities from their sustainably managed natural resources, land and sea connections to metropolitan areas, and opportunities for a healthy and active lifestyle. Affordable real estate, low tax rates, and slow pace make Port Clements an ideal place for the working professional or business person looking for an alternative to the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Port Clements is characterized by the forestry industry that first began in the twentieth century. Today forestry, along with fishing and tourism, are the key industries; all of which present tremendous business opportunities for the creative entrepreneur or business person. The majority of people living and working in Port Clements are employed by the forestry industry, making it the centre of forestry activity on Haida Gwaii. There are a number of sawmills in operation in Port Clements as well as an industrial park.

Haida Gwaii is a world class destination for the adventurous traveller. The accent here is on the great outdoors: the unique temperate rainforest, the pristine beaches, and the renowned Haida culture. Sportfishing, kayaking, sight-seeing on water and land, whale watching, mountain biking and hiking are all possible.

Port Clements prides itself on their achievements for protecting the important places from industrial activity, while they have laid the foundation for sustainable use of the remaining lands and waters that they rely on for their livelihoods. They welcome all who seek a different way of doing business and living on the Islands that is based in respect for this place, or Yah’guudang in the Haida language.

Local Infrastructure Projects

The Village of Port Clements recognises that its community needs to invest in a barge loading/offloading and storage facility to support the forestry sector and other industries with modern infrastructure and cost effective access to shipping including shipment via container.


Community Economic Development Contact

Cameron Bell
Economic Development Officer
Misty Isles Economic Development Society
Tel: 250-559-8050 

Community Contacts


Ian Gould
Haida Gwaii

Community Contact

Kim Mushynsky
Chief Administrative Officer
Village of Port Clements
Tel: 250-557-4295

Community Futures Contact

Michael Racz
Haida Gwaii Community Futures
Tel: 250-626-5594