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British Columbia, Canada

Economic Development Contact

Bertram Mercer, Economic Development Manager
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The Nisga'a Nation and the Nass Region include more than 6400 people living in the four Nisga'a villages, throughout northwest British Columbia and across North America. Represented by the Nisga'a Lisims Government the Nisga'a nation negotiated British Columbia's first modern treaty in May 2000 which recognizes over 2000km² as Nisga'a land. This has allowed the Nisga'a to become a leader in governance, accountability, and consensus building as well as opening up specific Aboriginal lands for private sale.

The Nass Region is open to new economic opportunities, partnerships, and ideas. In the Nass Region, resource industries are complemented by the government, education, and healthcare sectors. Significant transportation and infrastructure improvements have brought new jobs and skills while tourism and telecommunications offer the promise of expanding and diversifying the economy. The Nisga'a Lisims Government and Canada manage the Nass River salmon fishery to preserve the resource and support a modern, sustainable fishing industry. 

From small, local business ventures to international alliances, NLG actively supports and facilitates new economic initiatives throughout the Nass Region.Nisga'a Lisims Government also manages all surface, forest, and mineral rights and resources on Nisga’a Lands, including high-quality cedar, hemlock, Sitka spruce, and pine mushrooms—a popular delicacy in Asia. Nisga’a Commercial Group of Companies fulfill specific needs, such as marketing fish, managing forest resources, building telecommunications infrastructure, and promoting tourism.

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Community Economic Development Contact

Bertram Mercer
Economic Development Manager
Nisga'a Lisims Government
(250) 633-3000

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Darlene Morgan
Exececutive Director
Gitlaxt’aamiks Band Council
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Community Futures 16/37
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